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Technology & Innovation

Technology has changed all our lives but more so for those with disabilities.  It’s often the case that these changes are not always good. Some technology excludes the disabled. If you can’t park your car because you find an app too complicated.

So it’s always heartening to discover technology which makes life better for disabled people. And this is one of our core focus to leverage Technology to make life easier for specially-abled people.

Over a billion people globally have some form of disability. That’s 15% of people alive today. 360 million people worldwide have moderate to profound hearing loss, 285 million people are visually impaired (39 million of whom are blind), 75 million people need a wheelchair (of which, only 5-15% actually have access to one).

Technology can lower barriers that people with disabilities encounter in their daily lives, such as speaking, travelling, reading, and writing. It can allow them to participate and enjoy the benefits of the digital society, with the same access to information as everyone else. And, perhaps most importantly, new technology can allow people with disabilities to act more independently from others if they wish (at the same time as connecting them with people around the world).

We at Creating Abilities consistently promote and encourage Research & Development in Tech for Disability.

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Creating Abilities is a global organization established with a mission to uplift and support the specially-abled citizens around the world by providing them with an environment and resources to grow and be self sustainable.